Welcome to Africa Road Safety Corridor Initiative / ARSCI

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This project results from the joint TOTAL- World Bank (Global Road Safety Facility) Initiative for regional corridor road safety in Africa, where TOTAL is the market leader of petroleum products distribution.

In Africa, transportation costs are 80% higher than in the USA and Europe, and road safety is both a development and poverty issue.

Underestimated fatality rates are at 28 deaths per 100,000 population annually, and car crashes in some countries represent the first or second cause of death for boys and young men.

Fatalities per vehicles reach 100 to 200 times those of the UK. The cost of road crashes in Sub-Saharan Africa, estimated at US$10 billion per year, is larger than the sum of all the development aid for infrastructure. Road Casualties affect disproportionately the poor, pedestrians, economically active young adults and passengers in mass transportation.

Poverty surveys repeatedly point to crash related death and injury, of an economically productive family member, as a catastrophic cause of impoverishment.

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