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Spill Center Targets Road Spills To Assist E. Africa Transporters

Truck accidents with spills require a fast and efficient response in order to limit the environmental impact and minimize cleanup and site remediation costs. But no company has enough environmental spills to get good at handling them. That is why Spill CenterĀ® was launched more than 20 years ago, to provide support services to transporters, petroleum distributors and other companies at risk from accidental releases of fuels, oils, hazardous chemicals and other regulated materials that pose a danger to the environment. Assessing and managing environmental spills is all we do - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nearly a year ago, Spill Center began offering our programme of spill response, regulatory reporting and critical communications in East Africa, using a 24-hour call center and Internet spill reporting. We designed a program to help clients control spill-related costs and limit their potential liability arising from spills anywhere along the Trans-African Highway and throughout East Africa. Our sophisticated communication system enables fast, efficient emergency response and modern communication capabilities. As a result, we've been generating a great deal of interest among East African fleet owners.

The Spill Center programme, which provides immediate assistance to clients after environmental spills, can be a valuable addition to a fleet's own spill preparedness plan because we are able to work with clients to mobilize the existing local emergency response resources to achieve the best possible results. At the client's direction, we notify regulatory authorities and document all actions made on behalf of the spill generator to help keep him in a legally defensible position. We also help with insurance claims and provide other assistance as requested.

Every Spill Center client receives a spill contingency plan that is tailored specifically to the needs of his business. The plan, which is stored online on Spill Center's secure website, contains names of personnel in the client's company to be notified after a spill, spill handling instructions, preferred cleanup contractors and other detailed information to enable Spill Center staff to help direct the response and support clients after a spill. We are available anytime, even on weekends and holidays - to assist with spills anywhere in East Africa.

Spill Center offers oil spill kits to clients in East Africa at special discounted prices, shipped directly from the manufacturer. The kits are available in three sizes: an onboard truck spill kit, an emergency responders basic kit, and a 150-gallon oil spill kit. The truck kit, packaged in a duffel bag, contains personal protection equipment, oil pads and other adsorbent materials, disposal bags, caution tape, instructions and labels. The other kits contain larger quantities of those materials, plus UN approved 55-gallon poly drums and oil booms.

Details of the Spill Center programme in East Africa are available at the website. Information is also available by telephone at the Spill Center Call Center at (0) 203 60 26 10 and from Gerhard Hochmuth, Spill Center's East Africa representative, at (0) 736 47 10 47 and (0) 774 30 89 77.



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